Kayaking Around San Antonio, Texas.

Kayaking on Boernie Lake

Kayaking Boernie Lake.

Cave where we camped 50ft above the Rio Grande

A cave where we camped 50ft above the Rio Grande.

Waterfall at the San Marcos River in Texas

Kayaking a waterfall at the San Marcos River

Standing in a kayak in San Antonio

Katies first time EVER in a kayak! She stood up like a pro!






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Texas Nature Kayaking is leading provider of Texas kayaking tours in the San Antonio area. We love empowering everyone from 8 to 80 to embrace nature kayaking.

We serve our kayakers by providing:

  • The Most Inexpensive, and Longest Kayaking Trips/Classes of Texas

  • Well Planned and Exciting Texas Kayaking Trips

  • Quality Classroom and Hands-on Instruction

  • Free Informative Kayaking Booklets

We teach you what you need to know to navigate safely and securely through Texas (and other) waters! If you are not relaxed and having fun during our trips, we have not done our job. Whether you like to challenge nature, embrace it’s beauty, or just simply learn to kayak; through fun, hands-on training and instruction, you will learn to use your kayaking skills for whatever purpose you enjoy.

Meet Yellow-Crowned Night Herons

Yellow Crowned Night Heron

Yellow Crowned Night Heron

Texas Kayak Trips allow our clients to quietly glide up to nature and become a part of it.  This allows us to have many close encounters with wildlife during our Texas kayak trips.  An example is this Yellow-Crowned Night-Heron we met at Armand Bayou, that watched our group and let us drift withing 12 feet.  This is just one of about a dozen photos we took that day of this normally-shy bird.





Paddle with Dolphins

Paddle With Dolphins

Dolphins in the Shrimp Channel

When we take our Texas kayak trips to coastal waters to kayak with nature, we often see dolphins.  Usually we see them at a distance of 50 to 100 feet, but sometimes they come up and say “poof” right beside us and let us smell their fishy breath.   One of our clients had a quandary on a recent Texas kayak trip to the Lighthouse Lakes on the Texas coast.  The tide was going out and there was a stiff breeze blowing in the same direction.  At the end of the trip, we were crossing the Shrimp Channel when a pod of dolphins joined the last lady in our group.  She stopped paddling to watch them and quickly drifted down the channel.  Every time she started paddling they joined her.  When she finally beached her kayak with a big grin on her face, we knew she had experienced the ultimate kayaking experience with nature.

Get People-Watched by Coyotes

Be People Watched By A Cyote

Coyote at the edge of the lighthouse Lakes

Sometimes on our Texas kayak trips we are not the only ones watching.  This coyote was quite curious about us.  If walking, we would have seen only a glimpse of him as he slipped away.







Experience Eco-Friendly Tours

Kayaking the Medina River in Texas

Rocking some Medina River rapids!

On our kayaking trips around San Antonio we use previously owned kayaks in excellent condition.  We believe they are more eco-friendly than shiny new ones.  We have a plethora of models, so each client can be comfortable as they kayak with nature.